Pest Control in South DelhiTermites are known to present from the times of Dinosaurs. There are around 3106 types of Termites species known so far. Their recycling of wood & plant matter is of great ecological importance.

Termites are among the successful group of insects on earth. Their colony ranges from several hundreds to several million family members.

Termites majorly feed upon dead plant material & cellulose generally in the form of Wood. They causes a scale-able high damages to Building , Wood & crops.

The Queen termite has the highest lifespan among the insects available on earth & can live upto 30-50 years. Queen termite can lay upto 40000 eggs in a day.

Worker termites are responsible of food arrangement , food storage & nest maintenance. They are also responsible for digesting the Cellulose. Soldiers are responsible for safeguard the colony. Most of the workers & soldiers are completely blind as they don’t have a pair of eyes.

But on the other hand presence of termites on earth is also of great ecological importance & they are also responsible of decomposing dead plant material & dead animals etc.

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