April 22, 2017

Pest Control in Kaushambi

Pest Control in Kaushambi

We at Petra Pest Management offer wide range of Pest Control Services in Kaushambi city. We offer range of Pest Control services like cockroach control , Mosquito control , Termite control , Rodent Control , Bedbug Control , general Pest Control , Fogging Service , Anti Larvae service , Residential Pest Control , commercial pest control in Kaushambi

We are a Government Approved pest control operator being trained & certified by State Govt & Government of India. We are also member of Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA) a premier association of professional pest control operators in India.

Kaushambi is one of the leading industrial city in Delhi NCR which has many numbers of small & medium manufacturing unit.

Termite treatment in Kaushambi

Kaushambi is one of the highly infested place with presence of Termites where almost every home is attacked by Termites. here intensity of termites is so high that termites attacks even a under construction house. Hence there is a requirement of a systematic & standard termite treatment with good quality of Anti-termiticide with proper quantity of chemical. Traditionally one of the widely accepted methods is to get the drilling done. At the walls of the house or flats & also near to all wooden structures of the property. Wooden parts contain cellulose which is the food for Termite. Termites also eats products made up of pulps of trees.

Nowadays there is a new technology for termite treatment has come across which is the new age piping system. In this method we lay the porous pipes on the top surface of the soil just before the floor to be laid down. All pipes are well connected internally & are made to bring to a junction box. The box has the open side of the complete piping channel. Now termite control shall be done by a pressure pump from outside the home from this open side of piping system. This new age termite piping system helps  to get the termite treatment done without hassles like emptying the wardrobes & kitchen , noise of drill machine , damages to building , odd looking marks on walls & door frames. As an expert advise Pest Control in Kaushambi is every household’d need nowdays.


Mosquito Control in Kaushambi

We also offer very effective & 100% satisfactory Mosquito Control service in Kaushambi. Mosquito are becoming a bigger problem with the change in climatic conditions & with increasing urbanisation. Dengue & Chikungunia have become a life threatening danger to human being. The bad part is that there is no medication of Dengue & chikungunia but it’s suggested to take the rest.

Most of the mosquito repellents are not used in day time & eventually Dengue & Chikungunia mosquito are mainly active in day time. During the day time they are very active & enter our home or office & bites us once we are in resting condition.

Our Mosquito treatment is very effective that One service remains effective for at least 2 months. Service is smell free & is done by very safe chemicals ideally made for domestic usage. After our treatment you need not to use other means of Mosquito repellents. Like Aerosol spray & smelling & polluting coils etc.

We also do Fogging services for mosquito control where Thermal or Cold Fogging machines are used to control & kill mosquitoes. This treatment is done specially in evening time when the mosquito comes out & try to enter the houses of ours. In Fogging service mosquito killing agent is used with the base of either diesel or water using thermal or cold fogger respectively. With fogging service quantum of mosquitoes can be reduced upto 70-80% . Many still manage to hide from the smoke.

Anti Larvae service is also used to control the mosquito breeding & population. Actually larvae stage is the best stage to kill & control mosquitoes as we don’t allow them to become an adult & to breed further. As an expert advise Pest Control in Kaushambi is every household’d need nowdays.


Cockroach Control in Kaushambi

Cockroaches are not less known pest nowadays as almost every alternate home has cockroaches. Cockroach eats what we eat. Cockroach drinks what we drink so it’s only we who have made the optimum conditions for them to live with us. But the fact is that they spoil our food by leaving their droppings, excreta & urinal extracts. Cockroaches are responsible for many diseases like, Leprosy, Plague, Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Gastroenteritis and Dysentery especially in children. Generally found cockroaches are of two type viz American cockroaches & German Cockroaches. German cockroaches are smaller in size & live around the human vicinity like kitchen etc however American cockroach lives in sewer pipes & drain pipes & sewer lines etc.


Cockroach treatment is done by Gel application and spraying across the skirting of the property. As an expert advise Pest Control in Kaushambi is every household’d need nowdays.


Rodent Control in Kaushambi

Rodents or also called Rats are very commonly found pest around the human being. They are not just irritating but also a big threat to our health & wealth. You would hate them more if you you’ll see their living & breeding place. Rodents are one of the highly tolerant pests present around us. They have the higher level of threat identifying capability. If they sense any threat around them they immediately & safeguard the other rodents.

Their breeding capabilities are so high that a couple of rodent becomes around 10000 rodents in a year !!!!. They are very notorious as they damages many a items which are not their food like wooden & metallic items.

They are source of any deadly diseases like Bubonic plague, also called Black Plague, Rat Bite Fever, Leptospirosis & are responsible for Liver , Kidney & cardiovascular failures. Controlling rats is again a specialized job as mere chemical treatment doesn’t ensure their eradication.

A proper survey which should advise the stoppage of their movement within the property & from outside the property is also very important.

We offer a comprehensive & result oriented Rodent Control Service in Kaushambi to ensure that you live in Rodent free home. As an expert advise Pest Control in Kaushambi is every household’d need nowdays.