How to select a reliable Pest Control Operator

Attributes of a reliable Pest Control operator

  • Pest control operator has a bigger role as customer trusts whatever Pest control operator conveys
  • Pest Control Operators are governed under Insecticide act 1986 by Central Government after consultation with Central Insecticide Board
  • Pest Control Operator to posses a valid license mentioned under the act
  • Pest control operator ideally to be a member of Indian Pest Control Association (IPCA)
  • Pest control operator must be service oriented
  • Pest control operator must have a good track record

Customers to Check/Ensure

  • Pest Control operator is operating from a commercial office
  • If payment is made through cheque then it must be in Firm’s name & not an individual’s
  • A payment receipt to be sought against the payment made

Important to Consider :- A cheaper pest control service by un authorized Pest control operator is always costlier at later stage than a little costlier service by a professional Pest Control operator !!!

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